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#OverstockStyle Weekend, Design Challenge & GIVEAWAY CLOSED

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GIVEAWAY CLOSED! Congrats to Whitney! I just emailed you:)

As I mentioned last week, I was a part of Overstock’s very first #OverstockStyle Weekend and Design Challenge a few weeks ago. Along with Jenny KomendaDabitoCassandra LaValle and Ashley Wilson, I designed a space using only Overstock items. Holy moly guys, it was so fun!! When you have access to thousands of Overstock products, it becomes a bit of a party.

So how it worked was we all arrived at the Overstock Photo Studio on Saturday morning, which is an amazing space where all of Overstock’s vignettes – from their website to their catalogs – come to life. For our challenge, they had set up five living room sets with five unique floors, and my heart was immediately drawn to one of the sets with a lighter finish. We were briefed on our challenge and each given an envelope and an Overstock stylist, Photographer and Handy Man to help us along the way. We learned that in the envelope was the color of chair that we were given to use for our space. We all had the same chair but different colors, which was such a fun addition to the challenge! I got the dark grey chair (always my first choice!), which just so happened to be paired with my favorite flooring!

Once the challenge started, we ran around like headless chickens. We had Overstock furniture, accessories, lighting and rugs to choose from for our rooms to achieve the look we wanted. I knew that I wanted to create a sophisticated, modern space with a bit of boho. and to use a soft pallet of camel, black, blue and taupe. Because the five of us designers are so different, there wasn’t a lot of doubling up. And we were all very nice to each other and didn’t steal from one another, though I wanted to a few times!

After I had my room styled to my liking, Overstock’s photographers and stylists took over to get everything picture perfect. They took care of details as small as moving the book on the end table tenths of an inch and making sure the plant in the corner stood just right, and seeing how much of a difference the small adjustments made was really fun to experience.

Below is a time lapse video of my space and the process.

When the time was up, we did a Facebook Live stream of the room reveals with each of the bloggers, which you can still watch here, and the viewers voted on their favorites spaces. Though I didn’t win (Congrats, Jenny!), I had an absolute blast and loved every second of it.

via simply grove

via simply grove

After all was said and done, I must say that I am very proud of my room! It’s clean and bright with modern details. I LOVE the art, which was a last minute find. Overstock had everything to make this room what it is. And can we just talk about that sofa?? It could quite possibly be my favorite sofa right now and you may see it popping up in a man cave project sooner than later. Also, the layering of rugs has always been a favorite of mine. I like using a heavy textured rug under a patterned rug, because it allows you to play around with pattern and texture. 

via simply grove

I am so thankful for this team! They went above and beyond to help me create the space of my dreams. Overstock has the dream team, and I feel honored to have rubbed shoulders with them.

Overstock Design Challenge via Simply Grove

The other four rooms are HEAVENLY! Each of the designers did such a fantastic job. You can check them all out here!

Thank you Overstock for hosting a fantastic event and letting me be a part of it.

ONE MORE THING! Overstock is letting each of us 5 bloggers give away the famous chair that we used for the design challenge! Just enter by leaving a comment. You can pick whatever color you want!

Shop my room- Oxford Tan Leather Sofa, Gray Tufted ChairBraided Wool Rug,  Blue Rug, Matte Black Pendant, Gold Wired Side Table, Cocktail Table.

This post is sponsored by Overstock.

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  1. So interesting seeing the challenge unfold and how the different designs approached the chair! I especially love the way you balanced the light and the art on both sides of that *killer* sofa!

  2. I would love to hang out in that living room. I like the pendant lamp in place of the typical floor or table lamp.

  3. I love how relaxed and balanced this room looks! I could spend some serious time relaxing on that couch or in that chair 🙂

  4. Love it so warm and inviting looks incredible!! Everything is laid out perfectly.

  5. Oh I really like the teal one! It would be so fun in the bonus room of our new house, which has two built-in bookshelves and is just asking for a little reading nook type chair to go between them!

  6. I absolutely LOVE your style! You have such an eye for mixing mid century with modern elements and it’s to die for!! I got so much inspiration from your site while decorating our house! You are a phenomenal decorator

  7. That is so crazy! Overstock has so many options I can imagine there were a lot of tough decisions!

  8. Watched the whole process while you were there! Looked like a blast!! Sad you didn’t win!

  9. Hey I’m a Pastor and would love to use that chair in my study! 🙂 blessings 🙂 your an amazingly talented designer

  10. Love what you did with the space. My wife and I just moved into our first house and I haven’t been able to put our living room together in a month, I can’t imagine putting that together in a day! Keep doing what you’re doing, helps us rookies learn the nuances of nice design!

  11. The room feels so cozy! Love the cozy chair, in addition to the contrasting texture in the layered rugs.

  12. What a beautiful, serene & inviting space you’ve put together! I love the other designers’ work as well. I would love a new space for our space!

  13. I need to know how I can get that artwork! It is so pretty, and just the right thing to counterpoint the fabulous pendant! (please help me!)

  14. It sounds like your time there was amazing!!!! I loved your room and love how you pull together spaces!

  15. Your room turned out wonderful! I love the rugs you used! I never would have thought to layer rugs. It looks great! I am obsessed with the coffee table! Love seeing all the different styles you each did!

  16. Loving the leather sofa and the chair! Also loving all the different color the chair comes in!

  17. Kirsten, I love following along! Thanks for the eye candy and can’t wait for your in-laws’ living room reveal!

  18. Your room was my favorite!! It’s definitely closest to my own style of decor in my home — I love the pieces you chose.

  19. Love how your room turned out! Big fan of the modern touches. And you’re right, that sofa is fantastic!

  20. I loved watch the IG stories the day this challenge was happening! So exciting to see the different styles and ways of decorating!!!

  21. Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to win and use this chair in my newly renovated condo.

  22. This reminds me of a really well curated Room and Board space. Great job, Simply Grove!

  23. This chair would solve our seating issue in our living room. I love it and I love Simply Grove

  24. I’m generally a girl who loves neutrals but looking forward to adding a pop of color in my decorating life with this splendid chair. I had a chance to see all of the bloggers’ spaces and have to say that I’m truly impressed. Overstock definitely selected a talented bunch for this challenge. I love how your space is open and airy and that you didn’t overfill it with accessories. Tastefully done!

  25. I love this room so much! The minimalist design is so my style. Thank you so much for offering such a lovely and generous giveaway.