Modular Closet Blog Post via Simply Grove

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My Closet Makeover with Modular Closets

Modular Closet Blog Post via Simply Grove

Hi!! Something that I haven’t talked about in FOREVER is our home renovation! Like forever. Well, one year later, after moving into our 1957 mid-century ranch, we are still going strong. I don’t talk about it as much as I previously did, mostly because I feel like I’m a busy bee right now with other projects, so my own home takes back seat. But we’ve still been moving mountains over here! Well, at least trying to. These past couple of months, we have been working on our master bedroom, master bathroom AND master closet…which hello, here’s my new and improved closet!

Via simply grove

I collaborated with Modular Closets to create the perfect closet for us and for our needs. You can see that the before was very basic, very dark, and VERY full of carpet. In fact, it felt super small, which now surprises me because it’s a nice sized space! The shelf that wrapped around the original closet cut the room in half. It didn’t make sense and it added clutter to the room. NOW the closet is perfectly practical and beautifully perfect!

before via simply grove

via simply grove

Before we installed the closet shelves themselves, we stripped the closet of flooring and original shelves, which revealed a window that had been hiding behind a shelf and some awful blinds. We then painted the whole room a bright white, which always makes a massive difference. After that we laid down 12×24 inch tiles from Home Depot. I chose white grout to keep the room bright and fresh. Once the floor dried, we installed this light from CB2, which is my FAVORITE flush mount light for small spaces, hallways and closets. And now, closet magic….

Modular Closet Blog Post via Simply Grove

Modular Closets made it so incredibly easy for me to design the closet that I have envisioned for a long long time. The best part is that you can either design your own closet or you can choose from pre-designed closets. I know that it can be an overwhelming process to design your own, so the pre-designed option can be a breathe of fresh air for some.

I decided to design my own, with the help of Modular Closets. After deciding on what types of shelves and drawers we needed, I took measurements of the closet and sent the measurements and all of my shelf/drawer thoughts over to Modular Closets. They quickly got back to me with some specific configurations. From there we created closet magic!

Modular Closet Blog Post via Simply Grove

Like most closets, we needed drawers, lots of hanging space and shelves for our shoes. I really wanted the shoes to be the focal point when you walked into the closet, and the hanging space to be on the sides. We created these columns of shelves to display all of my (and his, kinda) shoes. This configuration works for us and our needs, and I love the look of it!

Modular Closet Blog Post via Simply Grove

To create an even more custom look, we attached brass hardware to the drawers. It’s my favorite small detail and gives the closet personality. I also used a vintage rug to add warmth to my feet since the floors are tile and not heated.

Modular Closet Blog Post via Simply Grove

Modular Closet Blog Post via Simply Grove

Shop the look below-

Shop The Look via simply grove


I am so happy with this closet! It makes me excited to get ready in the mornings, which I need since I am NOT a morning person. Thank you, Modular Closets!

Photography by Allison Corona

This blog post is made possible by Modular ClosetsAll opinions are my own.



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  1. Oh my god Kirsten, You have great collection of shoes and your closet is perfectly well managed..!!
    Its a nice idea for small closet makeover..!!

  2. Cool..!
    The whole closet covers all the wall, Utilizing the space in small closet is an excellent job for the collection of wardrobe..!