I've partnered with Unique Loom to give the space a fresh look for December.


My Holiday Home Tour with Unique Loom

Christmas at the Grove's with Unique Loom

Hi, friends! It’s been a minute. A rather LONG minute. If you follow me on Instagram, you know that a lot has happened since I last posted, which was October 14th. Woah, time flies! Let me tell you the main change that occurred this Fall. We sold our house! That seems crazy to say. I didn’t think we’d sell for awhile but it felt right to do it this year. I mean, why not shake up 2020 even more…;) Since selling, we’ve landed in a short term rental until we find our next project. The rental is adorable, but very cozy and very small. Everything I do in this space needs to have a purpose. There’s no room to have anything extra and non purposeful. Walking into the Christmas season, we’re decorating very minimal yet festive. I’ve partnered with Unique Loom to give this space a fresh look for December. Scroll down for a tour.

Grove 2020 Rental

Above you can see how I styled my living room when we first moved in. Again, very minimal!

I've partnered with Unique Loom to give the space a fresh look for December.

The first change I made in this space for the holidays was swapping out the vintage rug. Because I wanted to keep this space neutral and minimal, I chose Sabrina Soto’s beige rectangular rug, exclusive to Unique Loom. This is technically an outdoor rug which makes it really easy to clean. With dogs, this is VERY important. It’s still soft to the touch and doesn’t feel like an outdoor rug.

Christmas at the Grove's with Unique Loom

Besides adding a few Christmas objects in the built ins, the biggest Christmas detail in this room is the garland draped over the fireplace. I always rely on Trader Joe’s 8 ft garland. It’s inexpensive and can last awhile with the right care. To make the garland look a little more festive, I added pampas grass, berries, pine cones and a few other small dried flowers and objects.

Christmas at the Grove's with Unique Loom

This rental really is quaint and adorable. The detailed doorways and built ins are a representation of when the house was built, which was 1938.

Christmas at the Grove's with Unique Loom

You can see the soft textures in the rug, which is surprising for an outdoor rug! I’m super impressed with the quality.

Christmas at the Grove's with Unique Loom

I have boxes and boxes of Christmas decor that I’ve accumulated the last 20 years, which are mostly all in storage. One item that has been with us since the kids were little is the nutcracker on the mantel. He was a Martha Stewart at Home Depot (or Kmart. I can’t remember) find, and we’ve displayed him Christmas after Christmas. He’s almost acted as our Elf on the Shelf.

Christmas at the Grove's with Unique Loom

It’s amazing how sentimental we can get during Christmas. Scaling back on decor has made me miss our normal Christmas scene. But in the same regard, has made me very grateful for the small things that we take for granted. And at the end of the day Christmas is not about the decor or the presents. It’s about hope, love, giving, family and purpose. That’s what I’m celebrating this year!

Christmas at the Grove's with Unique Loom

If you head to my Instagram today, I’m going to walk you through this space. I’ll also show you how how jazzed up the garland. Also, follow along three other holiday home tours from @styleitprettyhome, @blindseyj and @dreamgreendiy.

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Also, if you were wondering, we do have a very small tree near the dining room. Like the theme of this home, it’s cozy and cute.

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This post is sponsored by Unique Loom. All opinions are my own.

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