Habitat House Makeover {PT 2}…

Here it is! I am pleased to show you the master bedroom that I decorated for the habitat for humanity home (see part 1 here). Before I go into the room details, I have to tell you that decorating this room for the mother of this amazing family was completely an honor. She deserves the world and then some. I wanted to give her a retreat away from the busy-ness and hustle and bustle of life. I knew from her bio that she is a girly girl so I tried to design a feminine space. I was lucky enough to find some amazing finds along the 127 Sale that completed this room. The first find to note is that awesome headboard that a lovely couple gave me for FREE! All it needed was a nice coat of black paint, thanks to the lovely Brooke and Rust-Oleum.

I was able to snag some great art pieces throughout our trip. The New York Ballet print has to be my favorite. I also found that large floral piece for pocket change. And that dresser? A sweet man sold it to me for $20. Yes, the 127 Sale was good to me! Oh, and notice those gold and wood candlestick holders? Yeah, my hilarious and talented driving partner, Carissa, thought I had a candlestick obsession. Every place we’d stop I would snag some candlestick holders. You never know how many you need at the end of the day, right??

NOTE: I purchased that persian rug for $10. Yes, $10!! I wish you could see the entire rug. I sadly didn’t get a picture of it.

At the beginning of the trip, we stopped at a Habitat Restore in Ann Arbor Michigan. They were kind enough to donate some items, including this vintage table/desk, tufted chair and modern white desk lamp. Thank you thank you! All of these pieces were the perfect editions to my plan. Also, I have to point out that rug draped on the chair. The seller started out on a firm $75. Somehow I talked her all the way down to $5. Thank you Jesus! Another great item for an even greater price is that upholstered ottoman. I think it was $2…yep.

Because the room was a little snug to work with, I needed to find pieces that did double duties. I found this mid-century floor lamp that has 3 glass shelves built in. It’s a perfect combo! Something to note- You can always find glass and ceramics at yard sales, so save your money and store up at yard sales and thrift shops!

Ok, this was by far my favorite find!! I found this small mid-century table in Ohio. I think I spent $12 on it. I knew right away that I wanted to place a plant on the top. It ended up being a perfect match!  The table broke twice on the trip but thankfully the owner of Serenity Thrift in Dunlap Tennessee fixed it for me. Thank you kind sir!

Speaking of Serenity Pointe, I found some great pillows and accessories there, including that awesome raffia hat. I bought the sheets and other bedding at Target. I also bought the pink wired bedside table at Target.

I have to give a shout out to Traci from Beneath My Heart for helping me oodles and oodles and oodles! I absolutely adore her and her addictive southern accent. And another shout out to the GMC team. Thanks for making this trip awesome!  Also, to the other 5 ladies, you all are amazing and inspiring. Love you ChristineCarissaCourtneyLiz and Jocie. To see more images of my room and the other ladies rooms, visit the GMC facebook page.

My travel and expenses were covered by GMC, however I was not compensated for this post. 

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Comments (13)

  1. A room fit for a queen! You did a fabulous job!

    I think you need to travel north-east and come decorate my home. Miss you!!!

  2. You’re incredible! Loved reading the details of your trip and seeing your photos. Couldn’t imagine a better person to be able to infuse style, care, modern yet practical accents and such love…all for a budget. Would have loved to see that well-deserved mom light up at the sight.

    Umm…and that LIGHT! Let’s just talk about the light. And, maybe the mcm table. And, that rug! Ok…the list of goodies here is long! 😉

  3. Incredible Kirsten! Such a great opportunity to bless someone with a fantastic space. You’re genius!

  4. So great you able to do this for that mama! I love that tufted chair and the ottoman.

    Just one thing this Michigan girl has to point out…it is Ann Arbor! 🙂

  5. You talked someone down from $75 to $5?? Who are you!! Fabulous job…love the whole idea.

  6. Your room came out so beautiful!!! You clearly have an amazing vision and were able to put them all together into a cohesive dream space for the Mom ;-).

  7. You are an AMAZING woman, with a heart of gold. Thank God there are people like you to use your gift for good. It looks so beautiful, and fresh.

  8. I’m still on the lookout for more candlesticks.. just in case! 🙂 THIS is SUCH a gorgeous room… I LOVED watching it all come together piece by piece! Buying the dresser was by far my favorite part of the trip.. oh and driving through West Unity, Ohio. Great people and such a great experience! 🙂

  9. Simply Grove, you are simply amazing. With a true artistic eye. It was great fun bonding with you on the Road Trip, but I must say: my comic relief took a pause when I saw how you transformed this space. Well done, my friend. This post captures it just beautifully.

  10. This room was just beautiful! I love what you did in here, it was so inspiring to see your vision come together right before my eyes. Don’t you want to do it all again, like, tomorrow? 🙂

  11. The room is insane! Just off the hook amazing! Came over from Liz’s blog, but will following for sure!
    Great job! xoxo

  12. For a small room you got bunches in it but still making it look very roomy and welcoming. This is my first time on your blog and glad to find you. Might have to subscribe. You were highly recommended. What a wonderful challenge you all had, you did a great job on your part. Lucky new owner, bless her heart. I’m sure she appreciates everything you all did, especially you for her “retreat”. Happy days