Habitat House Makeover {PT 1}…

If you follow me on Twitter, Instagram or even Facebook, you probably noticed that last week I was hanging out down south for a few days. The reason? I had the fun opportunity to shop the World’s Longest Yard sale with 5 other bloggers to help decorate and furnish a Habitat for Humanity home in Atlanta. It was all courtesy of GMC and their Hidden Treasure Adventure and it was a crazy cool experience with lots of great memories throughout.

Now, I have to say that the 127 sale (world’s longest yard sale) was quite possibly the craziest thing that I’ve ever visited. 690 miles of YARD SALES! The sale involves Michigan to Alabama, with Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee caught in the middle. When you think you’ve seen hundreds of yard sales, you see thousands more! It really was unbelievable. Along with Christine, Carissa (my driving buddy), Courtney, Liz and Jocie, I shopped this sale finding items for the Master Bedroom, which is what I got assigned to decorate. Our budget was $250 for each room, plus a $40 gift card to Home Depot, thanks to Rust-Oleum. It was a total treasure hunt and a complete BLAST!

As I mentioned before, GMC sponsored this event. We got to drive the sale in Acadia Denalis, which have incredible cargo space. At one point Carissa and I had a dresser, a chair, tons of art pieces, baskets of accessories, a mirror, luggage and a box of snacks fit snuggly in the SUV. Quite impressive! When you find something for an incredible deal, the last thing you want to happen is not being able to get it because of cargo space. Luckily that never happened to us.

Something that did happen to us? Deals deals deals! Some of my favorite deals include a southwestern rug for $5, a vintage desk and tufted office chair for FREE, another GORGEOUS persian rug for $10, a midcentury accent table for $5…..I could go on and on.

COME BACK TOMORROW to see the room reveal!


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  1. This is awesome!! What an amazing adventure. And, that chair! For free! So fantastic. Can’t wait to see the final room reveal! xo